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Endodontics, also called root canal therapy, is the area of dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of the diseased dental pulp. The pulp is the small amount of soft tissue containing minute nerves and blood vessels within the tooth. During initial tooth development the pulp is responsible for the formation and growth of the hard part of the tooth. After the crown and root(s) of the tooth have matured, the pulp tissue remains locked inside the tooth in a small root canal space.

During a lifetime, the pulp may become diseased due to a variety of reasons (decay, trauma, deep fillings, cracks). The inflamed pulp can quickly cause pain and even infection of the surrounding bone and soft tissue. Elimination of the diseased pulp can be accomplished in two ways: saving the tooth by performing endodontic therapy, or extracting the tooth.

Specialists In Saving Teeth

Retaining the tooth prevents the loss of function (chewing ability), movement of adjacent teeth and unwanted cosmetic changes. Root canal treatment can be very predictable and enjoys over a 97% success rate. Smithtown Endodontics specializes in this area of dentistry exclusively and our practice is designed to optimize the likelihood of success.

If you choose endodontic treatment, our office will provide you with outstanding care and support. Prior to treatment, we routinely administer local anesthetics which will insure your comfort while the diseased pulp tissue is being removed. We will then thoroughly clean and shape the root canal space and seal this space with a root canal filling. We can usually accomplish this procedure in one or two visits. After we have completed your treatment, we will send a report to your dentist and you will be advised to return to see him/her promptly to have a permanent filling or crown placed on your tooth.

For over 40 years, dentists have referred patients to our practice with confidence that is based on our reputation for clinical skill and professionalism.